If you’re a budding entrepreneur or new business owner a great website is a must. You know you need one, but if you’re not a technical whizz, then it’s likely there are many questions running through your head.

So, what is it that truly makes a great website? And what do you need to do to keep your bounce-rates at rock bottom, but hit-rates at dizzy heights?

To run a successful business website, you need to do more than just make each page look nice. Whilst an attractive layout and finish will have first-time visitors nodding in acknowledgement, their interest will wane if the site looks busy, is sluggish, out of date, or teeming with suspicious-looking links and pop-ups. This is when the bounce-rate ‘syndrome’ comes into place.

So, what is a bounce rate? A bounce is a single-page session on your website. It means a visitor has clicked to your site but left within a short space of time, having viewed only that page. The page they landed on did not hold their attention, and hence other pages were unexplored, and no transactions made. If this is a regular occurrence your bounce rate will increase. In simple terms, a high bounce rate, indicates an ineffective website.

To avoid this your website must be technically advanced as well as looking polished and professional. This means it should be fast-loading, have immediate appeal, be easy to navigate, clear in its messaging and secure from hackers. If your website is not sufficiently usable, there are hundreds of others out there that are.

Speed and Usability

You have approximately 3 seconds to capture the eye and interest of your visitor, and the increased availability of fibre-optic broadband means users are both used to and expect, a site to load within seconds that is easy to navigate. Usability is key.

For a site to be ‘user-friendly’ it needs to be uncomplicated, uncluttered and really clear about where to find the information, product or service your visitor is looking for. Having to overly ‘search’ for what is sought is frustrating and inconvenient. The ability to immediately learn where to find things is a musts-have. Bad-functioning websites will drive your visitors away, resulting in low conversion and hit rates. Fast speed and high responsivity rates are essential to a website’s success.

Up to Date

The most compelling websites are always up to date. Your pages and posts must be recent and relevant, with a platform functioning at maximum capacity hosting the latest technical upgrades in place.


Whilst website owners have access to more features and functions than ever before, the rate of cybercrime across the internet has never been higher. Effective security solutions protecting the integrity of your site, whilst ensuring people aren’t deterred from using it, are essential to have in place.

Sum up the above and the key things to remember are:

  • Availability and Accessibility
  • Relevancy
  • Clarity
  • Credibility
  • Learnability

Creating a high-quality website delivering speed, interest, excitement, clarity and security won’t happen overnight – and certainly not without the help of an experienced team. If you take the time to understand the needs and motivations of your visitors, you can tailor your content accordingly, along with your overall user experience.

Immediamedia specialise in the set-up of superb websites for SMEs all over the world. We work to deliver your needs at pace, offering ‘user-experience’ via design and layout, project management, digital consultancy and web-development services to provide a URL firing on all cylinders 24/7.

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