What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

To begin with we need to understand the numbers behind getting to your conversion rate in the first place. Then we can begin to understand how to increase it.

The number of people who upon visiting your website make the choice to subscribe, get in touch or make a purchase etc. gives you your total number of conversions.

To get your Conversion Rate, you divide the above number by the number of total visitors to your site. This tells you how many visitors you have converted into doing an element of business with you after landing on your site.

For example, a site with 5000 visitors and 50 conversions has a conversion rate of 1%.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is therefore the method of using analytics and user feedback to improve the performance of your website. It can be used to improve any feature on your site that’s important to your business – the acquisition of new customers, subscribers, downloaders, purchasers etc.

Fundamentally, CRO means figuring out what users are looking for when they arrive at your site and then giving it to them. It means presenting the immediate ‘wow’ factor and turning them from passive browsers to engaged subscribers/purchasers etc. And optimising this is more cost effective than just finding new visitors!

Why is this?

Because improving your CRO helps to defend against the Bounce Rate. This is the percentage of people who leave after viewing a single page because they have tired of looking for what they want and have left before exploring the rest. You can gain any number of new visitors, but if they leave within seconds, then it has been a waste of time. Hence, caring about your CRO is crucial!

Improving your CRO could involve making your call-to-action more apparent or placing it on a traffic-heavy page. Or it could mean removing or relocating unnecessarily complicated or time-consuming steps from certain pages. There are many ways to optimise your conversion rate, but most of us would not know where to start.

Immediamedia specialises in CRO. There are a number of targeted approaches we can offer – all planned around the nature of your business and the visitor you want to attract:

Targeted and strategic marketing campaigns

To attract the kind of users you are likely to convert you need to create a carefully planned strategic marketing campaign tailored specifically to your business’ audience. With a targeted campaign in place, your website won’t just pull in traffic – it’ll pull in the right traffic.

Attractive design with speed and efficiency

A brilliant user experience begins with great web design. By building a fantastic-looking, fast-loading website with easy navigation and a simple checkout process, you’ll maximise the chance of increasing your conversion rates. A great website also needs to run efficiently by having effective content-management software functioning behind the scenes.

Interactivity and mobile

Interactivity is all the rage in the modern day and many web users now browse the web on their phones long before booting up their PC’s at home or work. That’s why optimising your site for mobiles as well as PC’s – and loading it with easily accessible interactive features – is crucial in increasing your site traffic. This too, will ultimately improve your conversion rate.

Immediamedia will help enhance your website with the creation of tailored marketing campaigns developed to encourage users to both visit your URL in the first place, and to then interact with you, becoming converters – on mobiles and PC’s. With our experts at your side, you can take your business to the next level. Get in touch today and see what Immediamedia can do for you.