Precious Soles

Scope of work 

Brochure Web Design, Information Architecture, Graphic Design, 3rd Party Booking Application Integration, CMS Training.



To produce a complete and comprehensive brochure website within a 1 month deadline. 

Provide an organised, easy to use navigation for an enhanced user experience.

Develop strong online presence with the required data schema for search engine optimisation.


A comprehensive WordPress build for Precious Soles, Footwear Fittings, Shoe Store and In House Clinics for Paediatric Podiatry & Chiropody.

We’ve laid out detailed content pages, photography, embedded video with key calls to action to generate leads and online conversions.

Client testimonials demonstrating the excellent service the team at Precious Soles have to offer along with a fantastic product range, continues to bring in new, happy customers.

The deep footer we’ve implemented, is a great opportunity to present information about the company’s other offerings, industry validation, additional navigation and encourage customer engagement with social media and newsletter subscriptions.